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The coronation of the emperor was blessed by the planet’s populace. At the ripe age of 22, he was given the new throne and the palace which was built by the people of his world. The palace, not so big, was built near the Lake. Only the emperor could have free access to the lake at any time he wished. The dissolved world council members signed off a new and final planetary law that all previous laws and all acts were at emperor’s discretion. Anything, the emperor wanted done, it must be done. His word is LAW.
A lot of power were ordained upon the Emperor of Ra-Maan. He could not understand why the people of the planet would give up such control over to him. It must all be related to genetics and the agreements made long before he was born. The archives in the freshly built palace led to hundreds of electronic reproduced holo books of everything stored from the early days before the impact until now.
The Emperor had maidens doing services to keep his palace clean and free of dust. Marbles of statues on each side of the walls in enormous halls, only reminds him the suffering of the people. The Emperor realized such enormous power over the planetary unified military and all the forces on the planet. He even had control over space agencies involving space travel to other worlds.
Like his father said, as Emperor, he must find out everything on his own. Only on his own, nobody else can tell him. The Emperor started researching the archives.
The Holo Archives were a vast historical analogy. The emperor had in mind a few questions that needed to be answered:
1. What was the impact?
A. The impact was a comet, as so scientists believe. The comet hit the planet on the horizontal side resulting a tip of the orbital which put a twist in the orbital plane and the geo magnetic forces were severely disrupted. Almost all atmosphere and water from the impact area were somehow evaporated, killing off all life on the side of the planet, and was draining the atmosphere and water into space. The planet, somehow reversed itself and closed the hole in the atmosphere. Thin atmosphere resulted in the death of countless humanoids.
The only water remaining was and is now in the lake. Plant life can only be found there, nowhere else. Plant life somehow will not spawn new plant life outside the vicinity of the lake. This is why we have the sand of the desert today. Desert animals are minimal as they die off from starvation of water.
2. What is the lake?
A. For unknown cause, the lake seem to provide a endless stream of water, as it was believed that the water is coming from the inside of the planet which is being pushed up by the new founded geo magnetics of the poles from the impact.
After scientific analysis of the lake, it seems that the level of water is only limited to the shores as it will not overflow. Each time we siphon hundreds of gallons of water out of the lake, it replenishes itself. Keep in mind, this scientific analysis is hundreds of years old and at the time there was not much technology to further analysis of the lake, thus the need of world council discretion to close it off from the rest of the planet. It was vital to our survival.
Many people died in an attempt of establishing a siphon relay to the lake. In the end, it was successful and that siphon relay is now very old and is expecting to break down and will no longer provide water to the planet.
In our current understanding, the lake is approximately five miles wide and five miles long. There’s no more information from this comprehension.
3. Can I access the lake?
A. As future Emperor of Ra-Maan, you will have access to the lake. It is constantly heavily guarded by the planetary military defenses. Any unknown access attempt will immediately be killed upon sight. There has been several attempts by a few but only to be found dead near the shores of the lake, gunned down by the defenses. In scientific view, you have the genetic capability to access the lake at will without being infringed upon by the defenses.
Before planetary defenses were installed around the lake, people were found dead along the shores, attempting to siphon water from the lake. Some natural force from the lake will infringe upon any living animal and instantly kill it. We, at the world council have reasons to believe, that in all of our scientific knowledge, you were genetically bred to access this lake with free will and some kind of natural force will allow you access.
Only the future Emperor will have access. Anyone with the emperor at the time of access will be denied access to the lake. It is imperative that the emperor NOT to have any one else with him at the time of access. The person will suffer immediate death besides the emperor.
We have built the emperor’s palace near the lake for this very reason. You are our only hope to resolve the ever puzzling mystery of the lake. Many of us had attempted, but only to be found missing or found dead. The scientists who were dispatched to the lake only returned all but dead except one. It seem by bizarre coincidence that the sole scientist was given a chance to tell the world not to interfere with this lake with a deadly force protecting it.
As emperor, it is now your duty to protect this planet. The siphoning relays from the lake are breaking down and we are being cut off from endless supply of water. Once that happens, people will be forced to reestablish the siphon relays facing the possiblity of instant death upon contact with the natural force of the lake. The first time people did this, we have lost countless thousands of lives. Each life was one stone each to build the siphon foundation.
We cannot bear this any longer. As emperor, you must find out what this is and in all hope that the deadly force of the lake will not kill you. It is the only hope and chance that we have.
If you perish, then we will have lost all hope for our world to survive.
4. What is this natural force of the lake?
A. It is a electrical phenomenon reported by the last scientist who survived the attack upon him. If he attempted to regain access to the lake, he would have surely died. This scientist is your many generations great- grandfather.

At this moment, the Emperor stood back from the holo archive terminal with a expressive disgust on his face… The holo archive representative was looking at him on screen, halting the dialogue and awaits his answer.
The Emperor wondered and understood why his planet elected him emperor. Water is vital to all life and the only place to get it is from the lake. Even the technology feats of space travel, would take so long to traverse water from planet to planet- in which does not suffice for the need of the whole population of the planet.
“If I die, I no longer be emperor…”
“If I live, I’ll be emperor forever unless I assign another”
The Emperor stuck his face in the holo archive terminal:
5. How long do I have to access the lake?
A. You have only a short time. Once the main siphon relay terminal break down, it will immediately cut off all water supply to our planet.
6. Why not use helofrontals or support units to retrieve water?
A. All helofrontals and support units were attempted. They were seriously damaged by the natural force of the lake.
7. I thought only living animals can be harmed, not automatons?
A. Every single source of animal and automatons seem to be killed or damaged instantly upon contact on the lake. The only life it will not interfere is the plant life on it’s shores. Scientific analysis of the damaged returning helofrontals only indicates that there is a hidden intelligence behind the lake. A message was written in our language, scratched on the side of one of the returning, damaged helofrontal, which stated “Do not interfere”. There was no more information gleaned from the helofrontal survivor.

The Emperor once again backed away from the holo archive terminal. Eyes wide open, as he sat down in the chair next to him. In shock and dismay, he understood all to well what he had to do…. but there was one more question itching back at him….

8. How was the main siphon relays built, why and what would happen if it was cut off?
A. Siphon relay terminals are in shapes of pyramids, as you can see, in the photos above, there are siphon relay terminals all over this planet. It helps energize the need to siphon the water from the lake. Pyramids were built at each energy ley lines over the course of centuries pinpointing the geospatial grid increasing the power supply to pull the water source. The power supply is also used in all facilities from the relay terminals. If the relay terminals were cut off from the main water source, the terminals will dry up and become nothing but hardened stone of alabaster, lime and granite.

With all the photos and descriptions given to the Emperor, he had made his instant decision. He instantly put in a rule in the holo archive terminal that no one else besides the Emperor could have access to the holo archives. These words he had computed, became instant law for the entire planet.
The Emperor went to his parents’ house, a simple mound house built out of hardned sand…
“Father, I have researched the Archives… I understand now”
“I did not know that our grandfather was the survivor from the lake”
His father and mother sat down besides him, hugging him, giving tears away from their faces, and understood well what their son had just went through. His father was a number one world renowned geneticist as he calmly explained his side of the story:
Son, you are special. You carry a special gift inside of you. I gave that gift to you long before you were born. This gift has the power of worlds beyond time.
The Emperor showed a puzzled face expression and started to inquire what his father meant….
We both made you out of love. We added in a genetic heritage from another world that we discovered. When we were able to touch down on another planet, we found a world similar to this one but is dead. Your father was there on that planet for 10 years. He found something amazing but is biological. With a little input in you, you become our saviour.
Son, this is now the time to go to the lake and do not fear. If you perish, we all will perish. If you die, you will move on to another life. That is the special heritage inside of you. You are truly immortal no matter what body you will have. The matrix of the host, you, is infused with the gift we’ve given you. No one else in this world has it.
The technology I discovered is relating to light. Strands of light carries a huge amount of data inside them. This bio tech is only used once. I could not find any other similar bio tech anywhere on the planet. I have a analyzer in the other room, hold on let me go get it.

His father got up, looking at his son’s face all confused, he smiled and said dont worry, and he went to the other room in the house, and got the analyzer device. This device is a hand held device, but looks very ancient. He came in to the living room where his son and his wife was sitting on the couch, he took the device out of the old package. The device was turned on, and started making a humming noise. It had a description of unknown written language on it but only is known to his father.
The device hummed louder when it was held closer to the emperor. It emitted a strange clicking sound and a light appeared above the device.
This is what it says. It says:
Archon of Anu, Father of all creators, are within you.
Son, this means that you have the light strand bio tech inside of you and it grew to a maximum when you became an adult. You may have had experienced unusual and bizarre things in your life when you were growing up. I remember one time when you were 10 years old, that you complained about seeing animals made out of light in your bedroom. Those visions were real and were not nightmares. I had to lie to you about them being nightmares so you could have a normal teenage life. If I scan your mother, it will say “invalid” on it which means your mother does not have the gift inside her.
What or who is this Archon of Anu? **(coughing…)**
In the historical written archives found on the dead planet, Archon of Anu was described as the creator of the universe. The first light being who became into being before the universe expanded. According to mythology, Archon of Anu recreated himself repeatedly to create life on other worlds. When he came to satisfaction with his creations, he assumed that life will go on forever in this universe. He somehow became non-existant because he wanted it to be that way. The bio tech which was discovered, was actually a gift of many but from the same source given by Archon of Anu to the humanoids of that planet when it was alive. Anu is described as very similar to our religious creator. God.
I have reasons to believe that the main source is on this planet and is AT that lake. It would be many of countless worlds and the rarity of such.
Emperor: (**getting excited…to learn all that there is about this subject**)
What happened to that planet? – the one you were on?
In the archives, it showed that a comet hit that planet. The very same situation we are now in. This is how we knew a comet hit this planet all those thousands of years ago. However there’s one strange tale in that.
What tale?
Its a tale of evil. Something evil from another universe, devouring universe after universe. There are multi verses out there linked to each other. As our universe is spherical in nature, it has a ‘belly button’ at the one end of it as the mythology was written. Archon of Anu created all the universes, so this universe is not the only one. He created a link through each universe in an event if an advanced species were to discover a way to travel between universes.
This evil, the dark side is also a result of his creation. In all life we must have the positive and the negative to balance within a structure. Whether its a terminal structure, or a energy device, etc, everything must be balanced right down to the biological structures of our bodies, every animal and plant life. Even the soul host matrix has a balance.
It must be hard to create something like that, huh.
Not at all, in the Anu mythology, he created the universes with a single thought. A single thought is all it was needed. It was that powerful. In our science, it’s confirmed that thought itself is hundred times faster than the speed of light.
Speaking of science,
A couple days ago, we’ve heard back from the expedition that they found another planet. That planet has water in abundance! We are compatible with that planet! We were so excited to hear the news. In an event that you do perish at the lake, we could have our people leave this planet and colonize the new planet as our new home. The problem with that though, it takes over 20 years to get to that planet by our space travel means. Long range scans indicate that there’s a small pre-industrial civilization living on that planet, humanoid very much similar to us but are mostly water based. So small that there’s abundance of trees and all kinds of plant life. Water animals are selectively few as it seems. We could bring some of our animals with us.
We are going to name that planet “EA-RTH” which means water grave yard in our language in respect to what happened to us.
Son, do not worry. If you do perish or die at the lake, you will live on again in your choice. You are immortal, you cannot truly die, except your body will die. I am thinking that the energy source at the lake may be from the creator himself, not so certain though. The council of scientists have reasons to believe that all living humanoid inhabited planets have a source of energy protecting the planet from total annihilation.
In the Archon of Anu archives, it had a final input, it said that the people of the planet disappeared from the planet. It does not say they’ve died out. To me, I think they developed technologies for space travel and definitely left the barren planet. The source on that planet has also left but left behind the bio tech in an event if someone else comes along to discover it. We found several machines left behind, rusting away with the natural state of corrosion which only means that they have left that planet less than 10,000 years ago. With corrosion, it only takes a planet roughly a little more than 10,000 years to eat up all the metallic inventions and turn them to dust in which the planet will use for it’s own benefit.
Did you find anything else on that planet you were on?
Yes, very strange indeed, we found a lot of these pyramids too. We believe they’re the same pyramids, siphon relay terminals as ours, only that they were crafted in hardned stone.
Then I think that pyramids or siphon relay terminals are on every planet once inhabited by humanoids. In fact today, I believe we’re no longer humanoids, but just humans. From the archives at the palace, it did mention about the word and I think the word would fit perfectly for a new world. Hu-man could be descripted as “new man”. EA-RTH or EARTH as I would put it, would be our new home. I am ordering new space crafts to be built and sent to this planet with our animals, etc.
I think your mother and I had just done explaining all that there is for you to know. We think its time for you to go to the lake and find out. I will take care of your orders.

His father and mother hugged him hard and cried, knowing there’s a chance that he would die. After eating a satisfying dinner with his parents, the Emperor left their home, and started heading back to the palace.
He arrived at the palace and jumped off of the heloboarder, and started walking towards the lake. Fully armed with a side weapon…dressed with a black cape which carries his world’s symbol, a red empty triangle on the back. He was nervous, but remained calm. Knowing full well if he dies, he will live on again in another life.
When he started entering the territory full of trees and plant life, animals were looking at him, as such he had never seen before. Animals respected him and avoided him as much as they could. In the Emperor’s mind, it seems all too true about the gift within him, that even the animals naturally know it. It has been known that people had entered this forest and died from animals attacking them for food.
He finally reached the shore of the lake…..

The Lake… gleamed with it all its might. The beauty of the waters carefreely flowing among the shores, hitting the shores slowly but surely into the darkness.
A loud sound startled him, a tremble of the ground started to shake. The Emperor himself started to fear. In the middle of the lake, a sound was emitted that only the emperor could understand that no one else in the historical archives could.
“Who are you?…” in a deep multitude of voices which sounded like a free falling winds of time. A electrical disturbance started to form in the middle of the lake. The emperor knew if he didnt respond to that question, he would be attacked.
I am ANU!!! (**screamed as the top of the voice**)
In the emperor’s mind, it all make sense why his parents named him ANU, after the Archon of Anu bio tech discovered on that barren world.
The electrical disturbance, with sounds of thunder, a dark cloudy mist, started to head towards him – to the shore of where he’s standing on. The waters stopped moving, and it remained still. The animals which came out of the waters onto the shore, the very creatures of the waters, ugly and the pretty, were like looking directly at the Emperor. The animals of the forest behind him, all lined up, animals of different kinds, fur, fangs, claws and all….
You are ANU. You mock ME.
I do not MOCK you. I am ANU, the Archon of ANU. (**couldn’t think of anything else better to say**)
IF you are ANU, ARCHON OF ANU, then you MUST show who you are.
(**thoughts raging through his mind.. what did it mean “show who I am?”…**)
How can I show you? (*a question which could instantly guarantee his death*)
(**raging thoughts, but thinking I better raise my left hand in the air**)
The emperor raised his left hand. A temporary but severe pain was somehow formed in his left hand. He could not bring down his left hand. After a few moments, then his hand was released, with no further mention of pain.
The Emperor looked at his left hand instantly, and found a small double triangle mark just burnt on his life line under the wedding finger.
The source of all life forms, the horrible thundering dark mist started to fade away almost instantly. The animals behind him left back into the forest. The ugly and the pretty animals of the lake jumped back in the lake.
The emperor gave out a full relief. A breath that he held in for those horrible moments of pain.
The lake started to tremble with a minor melodius sound. The emperor looked at the lake and noticed the lake is somehow lowering itself. Within a quick glance, it sure looked like the lake is draining itself. Something is beginning to appear in the middle of the lake.