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Well… where can I start?

I became aware in January 2012. Before 2012, I didn’t believe nor knew much about UFOs, Aliens, etc etc. Mostly what I knew was what was passed down through my family. Even with that, I didn’t have interest in it. When I was 22 years old, I became an ordained minister of the baptist church. When my friend, the pastor, passed away, I had to take his position temporarily until a new pastor was established – that is, until August 18th 1995. A bizarre incident occurred involving me and both my parents.

I was living in an apartment with my girlfriend at the time, and I had a job in the city, you know, the normal routine of life. Working, paying bills and so forth. On August 17th 1995, I received a phone call from my dad, telling me to get my butt down to their house and he wouldn’t say exactly why because it wasn’t “safe” on the phone, as he indicated.

So… During that time, my girlfriend had left to California on vacation with her mother, so I headed down to my parents’ house. I asked what’s up and why my dad needed me there. He told that Mom, my brother, and him saw UFOs the night before and think that they will show up that night too. I was like.. “Ha Ha – yea.. right… “… “you were drinking again!.. “.. He said NO.. was just barely drinking at the moment of said incident.

I told both my parents “OK.. show me…” I was so full of doubt that if anything like that would happen again, would a very slim chance of happening anyways. I simply didn’t believe them. That night, I had a beer with Dad and Mom.. went up to the hills, sat there at the bench there, which was at the overlook – looking over a lake. I told dad, it’s getting very dark, he said WAIT…

6 UFOS.. orange… spheres… showed up way in the distance across the hills.. one orange sphere showed up like if it was 50 miles away.. I was like “Holy SH….”.. ok… I stood up from the bench and started walked towards the edge of the platform, and I was saying,.. WOW… My dad said.. see I told you. That one UFO in the distance was way off and all of a sudden it “zoomed” like a streak across the sky to join the rest of them. The whole thing was moving in a clock wise formation, and all of them except one disappeared. It was just the sole orange sphere sitting there in the sky. I started whispering prayers that the first thought in my mind, that these things were demons.

I woke up on the ground next to my parents’ car. My mom and dad got up too, and wondering what the hell happened and started blaming it on bad beer. I could not recall anything – nothing. So, we went home and I decided to stay over night, visiting my brother, talking about what we just saw. My brother brought up the abduction scenario where we could have been abducted by whatever these things were and got memory wiped or suppressed. I told him, I certainly don’t feel anything up my butt or anything. He started laughing.

Next morning I turned on the living room TV and CNN news came on reporting that there were strange orbs of light crossing the california-nevada border. I was thinking maybe it’s the same orbs. However, I shook my head and moved on with my life from there.. didn’t even think any different. I went back to church and something kept bothering me. I couldn’t complete my sentences at sermon, and something was irritating me within. I couldn’t tolerate it and I got worse in socializing with friends and members of the church. When the new pastor was established, I told the congregation that I am no longer going to be attending church, as I am having an internal conflict of some kind. This internal conflict only started to get worse. I couldn’t understand what was bothering me. All they said, was they were going to keep praying for me, wanted me to go into counseling, etc. I declined the counseling because I knew whatever I told them about what we saw, is going to sound so bizarre to them and of course, would attribute them to demons.

A year later, girlfriend and I got married at the church, and I keep having these bizarre dreams – and it started to affect me more than usual along with the internal feeling of conflict. As a result, I couldn’t stop pestering about things, and having bad attitude about so many things. As a result I lost my post office job, and ended up being so distant from my wife. My wife started having an huge amount of health problems, requiring her to have so many surgeries, and we just simply couldn’t handle it any more. We pressed on, moved on to another state, because a job was offered to me by my god father, involving the Air Force, and things I have learned over there, wasn’t much except a few things which surprised me over time. My wife kept on having these major health problems, requiring her to have more surgeries.

Medical debt bogged us down. We could no longer afford to live on our own, so we had to be roommates with friends. After I no longer worked for the Air Force, I couldn’t handle it… We just went down big time. We ended up becoming homeless, living out on the streets and could not get another job elsewhere. Wife couldn’t get a job due to her health, so we both ended up having moving back to Idaho and tried to find a place to live. It was horrible, through and through. The same roommate we had, invited us back to live with him again, and in a course of time, we finally got an apartment of our own, on low income status. It was better than nothing, but Eastern Idaho was one cold son of a gun during winter time, and we tried to figure out a way to make more money to live.. you know.. just to live and get by on. A friend who was one of my neighbors at the apartment, asked if we could open up a business of some kind. So, we went back to school online, and got our degrees, and a couple years later, opened up the business.

However, during those days, I kept getting worse and worse. My attitude was just skyrocketing, I couldn’t control my anger because I was so frustrated being so broke all the time even after all the work I’ve done in the business to earn money. I made quite a bit of good money but most of it went to her medical bills. She ended up getting sued by the medical recovery for not paying some of her other medical bills, so we were forced to keep right on paying them as much as we could. She had amassed over $300,000 with the medical bills with so many surgeries of hers. I even had been tempted to call it quits and divorce her right there…. but somehow, I just kept pressing on. I have had always kept this faith… “in health or in illness”… “to my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part” – that quote kept me going .. and have kept me going with her… I never stopped even though I was tempted to from time to time….

In 2009, We moved back to the western part of the state, to join with another friend of ours- as we were offered our own place to stay, rent free. Just that I had to deal with my own utility bills. We were still hogged down with her medical bills. My friend says, why not just file medical bankruptcy… that will solve it right there. Bizarre dreams occurred on a daily basis, and I kept seeing strange things, but I kept suppressing them, as I didn’t believe. My attitude was so horrible that my friend had no choice but to evict us in October 2010. We were right back where we started… on the streets again. I called my mom and told her what was going on, and she said WHY not come home? … you had enough of this stuff.. you’re not going anywhere anyways. I said sure, but where are we going to sleep? My parents’ only had 2 trailers, one large and 1 small one and both my brother and sister were living with her, to take care of my elderly mother after my dad passed on in 2003.

Something told me.. to get a tent.. and put it in the back yard. Live in it. And so we did…..we bought a cabin tent, put it up in the back yard. Winter wasn’t so bad in the winter months of 2011, and we lived in the tent for over a year. When Wife needed to have another surgery after Jan 2012 -this time it’s her right shoulder, full surgery. I was about fed up with all this crap. One day, there wasn’t much snow on the ground, there was a report on Tv that there’s a nasty winter storm coming in. I started drinking whisky, beer.. and got so drunk.. I passed out on the couch in the living room. I somehow got up and went out in the tent. Snow was blowing in, started to pick up… I didn’t close the zipper on the tent.. I just passed out on the floor in front of the unzipped door.

I woke up, feeling really stiff… and went into the main trailer, and my brother asked me where the heck I’ve been? Your wife has been calling for you for 3 days now… 3 days I said?… confused… all I remember was passing out on the floor drunk. I told him that.. he said he didnt see me there, and there was a nasty snowstorm so he zipped up the tent. I shook my head and got into the bathtub.. ahhh the warm waters… I became so disoriented, that I turned off the light in the bathroom and stayed in the tub. I woke up in cold water, I got out of the tub and turned the light on, and there was blood everywhere in front of me, my face, my chest.. both my hands, even the bath water was bloody looking. I said oh my… I started cleaning up.. and my mom banged on the door, saying if I am alright. I said I am fine.. I cleaned it up and went back out into the tent. As I sat down on my bed, I placed both hands to my head.. and started grunting, and started to scream alittle.. I didn’t want my brother to hear me screaming.. it was hurting so bad.

I laid back down on the bed and just fell asleep. The tent was cold, the heater wasn’t going – I turned it on, and just fell asleep. All THESE MEMORIES STARTED TO FLOOD INTO MY MIND. Every single detail.. of every experience that was bizarre in nature… every single one of them, and ALL those which I suppressed over the years –

I knew…

I just knew then.. I died… and some how I came back to life…and I was taken…..

Without saying anything more about this part, for personal reasons, I became what I am today. I have gotten better, out of the tent, into the motor home and finally a home of our own… with the knowledge gained by this, I was able to sit down and type a few clicks on the keyboard and all her medical debts vanished. It gave our finances back, and we were able to save up for a motor home, bought one, and lived in it for a year and half, then finally a house of our own. When we moved into the new house, I sold the motor home.

I became “powerful” with this new profound knowledge. It is a LONG story of what happened to me when I was “gone for 3 days”… and that abduction in August 1995? .. I remember all of that too…. The aliens certainly didn’t like me. It was like a split personality that finally came together and bonded to what I am today.

I am AN… can’t get any better than that.

An, of course, would have ALL the knowledge of the Annunaki, their technologies, their culture, and every conceivable mystery of the ancient days and so forth. I woke up….

With questions and questions, I cannot dispute this – I only accept it because the answers showed me absolute proof – and as a rule – EXPERIENCE OVERRIDES ALL BELIEFS. A few days later after my awakening, I tossed my favorite book of all time into the burning barrel in the back yard. The Bible. I knew then that I will live out my days as if history deemed it to be for my body, and again, with the knowledge that I have, I will put it to use – and try to share with others. You will have disbelief until you see or experience it with your own eyes.

January 25th 2020, will be exactly 8 years of my awakening. Not bad for a 46 year old man huh.

My last post for a while 😉

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