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The more CF gets ‘undermined’ – the more it becomes restrictive. It is essentially a fire wall. Yes, alien entities have long tried to override the current CF “parameters”, but yet failed to do so every time. This is the reason for the mutilation – abductions of animals and humans, as they were trying to figure out how to override it so they can get access to the non host template. No matter how advanced their technology is, they will never be able to access the non host format; i.e. taking over non host bodies because their hosts also have to be compatible with the CF. The so called ‘fire wall’ is the response mechanism on a planetary scale. This ‘fire wall’ is what’s causing the response on magnetic terms. The “fire wall” is considered as a “planetary archon”. Each planet that inhabits -creates any form of life, always build it’s own ‘fire wall’ in an attempt to prevent invasion. (A very good example is the movie “War of the Worlds” – where aliens attack Earth, kill people until later they died out because they weren’t “compatible” to the bacteria on Earth, such like that – that movie is a very excellent representation of the CF….. and of course a lot of people ARE aware of the CF..we’re not the only ones!…. Whatever names they use to define the CF.. it’s the same thing)

Such examples:

1 -In the current state, whoever the entity is, thinks that by lowering or weakening the Earth’s magnetic shield could cause access to the CF template. Tsk…they’re going to find out just how wrong they are once the audible convergence comes in.

2 -There has been many reports all over this world regarding foreign hosts attempting to take over non host bodies; i.e “demonic” possessions, etc – but seem to not last long. Ever wonder why?

3 -Alien abductions, impregnation, growing a hybrid child inside the womb of a human female then later taking the child out of her during a secondary abduction encounter – this is because they know that the planetary CF will begin attacking that hybrid child’s “life line” in an attempt to kill it. Foreign hosts – with foreign DNA mixed with Human DNA is a big NO-NO to the CF. This goes the same with true genetic hybrid animals – they don’t live long unlike the days before the CF change.

Split hosts of the original hosts seem to be the only thing that is acceptable to the current state of CF in regards to compatibility. Until the CF is repaired, only nature of animals and plants remain connected to the original CF parameters… In recent times, scientists have attempted to create ‘mini brains’ – a neural network and they found that consciousness seems to support it because the creation is planet based. What will happen if they created ‘mini brains’ like on Mars for example, and decide to bring them to Earth? …. Do you think they will last long?

Human, animal, and plant life uses the CF constantly…. compatibility; of course, it’s “software based” – that is, until they leave the CF’s sphere – to go to another planet. When Man finally reaches Mars, there will be problems with the CF of Mars.. It’s CF is still very weak.. and may not be able to support Human CF’s requirements. So, a possible medical remedy may be required by the time they physically land on Mars..because Mars have almost identical CF parameters to Earth, but just a tad off in audible frequency terms, magnetic frequency terms, etc.. and the CF’s resonance was depleted by the Emah and it takes a while to rebuild the resonance frequencies to support life on it’s surface. Today, Mars SHOULD have some life forms growing on it’s surface.. perhaps small animals or some sort by now. It takes a very long time for a planet that was FULLY victimized by the Emah to heal and return to it’s pristine state.

So, the ancient “astronauts” who came to our world, KNEW beforehand how compatible they were to this planet, that is, until the CF was altered. Now do we see any of these guys around here? …you know.. physically and commonplace?… no.

Technologies that we use in our cities, such as 5G, cell towers, radio transmission towers and so forth, does infringe a little on the CF’s basic template inside our bodies. However, our bodies are very adaptable, and it can adapt to those frequencies over the long run and the CF will not pay any attention to it. BUT NOW- there are legitimate concerns… here and there and what can cause certain forms of cancer, etc, the “baddies” to result from.

Hmmm.. well that’s all I can say on this subject.

Thanks Rusty for sharing your views!…

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