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Hello Rusty,

Our bodies are programmable machines <— correct.
they are not inherently evil or vile <— correct unless there’s a control factor.

When the EMAH magnetically ripped this solar system apart when it was leaving; it caused serious damage to the Consciousness Field of the Earth and all the planets in the system. It’s leaving, formed a RIFT; a heavy magnetic shear between Mars and Jupiter. That RIFT was absorbed by our sun. The Consciousness field adapted to the harm and began restricting life form use. Before any of this cataclysm happened, it was far easier to create a life form from cloning, etc etc on the surface. It was far easier to build structures such like the pyramids, etc, using electrical force that we can no longer use today in this restrictive state.

The Consciousness Field became “Vile” – which means “Corrupt” – Before the cataclysm, the consciousness field had it’s own empathy, emotion, etc. When it got corrupted by the magnetic shear due to the impact of intense plasma bolts on the surface of the Earth, the Consciousness Field slowly switched into survival mode. It has been in this survival mode ever since. This affected the neurological processes of beings who were here. It made them go insane and eventually it ended up killing them off. They were foreign to this planet. Today, this is why ETs, Aliens, foreign entities, CANNOT stay on the Earth very long. The CF will immediately begin attacking the “intruder”.

Human beings who were the survivors of this cataclysm, over time, adapted to the new Consciousness Fields for their bodies. Since these human bodies were not foreign to this planet, the consciousness field bypassed such life forms including animals, plants and insects. Anything ‘considered’ foreign was immediately exterminated. Earth had a lot of foreign material on it’s surface in those days. Medicine was provided by the “Gods” to mankind to survive this after effect. The “Gods” could not survive it because they had a different physiological make up which was foreign to this planet. Mankind was created by genetic adaptation and the consciousness field looks at that very harshly. This is why our life spans have had been cut short from thousands of years to less than 100 years average. The Rift that was absorbed by our sun had a role in that as well, which affected this planet by it’s spectrum change.

So, a NON HOST person – is automatically vile because the consciousness field is just that. Hosts vs Non Hosts.. it all makes sense of the reason why. A constant battle against the corrupt planetary consciousness. Now, in recent news, there has been talks about a magnetic excursion, etc, and also I detected an audible excursion as well. When the pole matches the frequency of the audible for this planet, it’s bound to do something or nothing at all. Is this a correction of the consciousness field? OR is it something else? The Audible frequency has never been contradicted before on this level. This is the first time in Earth’s history, that is having both magnetic pole and audible frequencies converge. In the past, there has always been just the magnetic reversal or excursion and never having to do with the audible.

So, yes, you are correct that the Non Hosts are here to SURVIVE.. you’re 100 percent correct on that. This is why they’re fighting to survive and it has only gotten worse in the last 50 years or so, plus it looks like it will only get worse for the next 5 years. A short cut this time around. It’s going to go by extremely quickly… The description of a non host person was just examples in my article, to show the differences. An entity force hampering mankind – you will have to look at the Archons – 🙂