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Our bodies are programmable machines, they are not inherently evil or vile. As a light being, realize that you are here because you CAN reprogram a body to be opposite. You can program it to be incapable of evil and only able to do good.

I think you are making a mistaking by fighting the very same tool that allows you to change this reality.

In my perception, all hosts are same to the degree they are consciousness, but there are still very distinct groups of “us”.

You think for a fact that it is a fight between hosts and non-hosts so I have to disagree. It is evident to me that whatever group is causing so much destruction and waste cannot be non-host. A non-host experience is primarily about SURVIVAL. But the war on this planet is about CONTROL.

I kinda come from the opposite position that all beings are nothing but machines, but after decades of perceiving idiocy, wastefulness and generally illogical behavior I realized that there HAS to be a be an entity that is hampering humanity and enforcing harmful negative behaviors.

There is a force that is going to incredible lengths to suppress humanity. It isn’t concerned about resource scarcity or its survival. It seeks to actually create resource scarcity to further its control. You see this played out on news daily and its a trap to control non-hosts.

I am not here to fight non-hosts. They just want to survive and I have no objection to that.

None of this is actually hard to understand. Difficulty in understanding is testament to the incredible amounts of mind-control programming that human beings are under even from before birth. By the time most people get a sniff of these concepts they usually already have decade or 2 of counter-programming. But if that programming wasn’t there then these concepts would easily accepted because human beings are programmable machines. Understand this, take advantage of it.

Of course it is important to consider that someone who is completely “empty” and has been programmed for decades. It would take decades to reprogram them even without factoring in that human beings ability to learn deteriorates over time. But if you manage to reprogram an adult, it stops that individual from spreading the programming and allows resistance to spread.

For hosts, it only takes 1 moment of uncertainly, 1 moment without constant programming and they have possibility of dismantling all of their programming given enough time.

I can’t remember who I am but I never felt that what I am taught I am is true to what I actually am. Even the description of my physical body is very simplified. The body is an area of space time. it can hold a multitude of consciousnesses just as there can be many people in a house.

I say keep an open mind and… take everything lightly. Don’t get trapped by one idea.