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It seems like it came out of a mold.. the ‘sprocket’ hole there looks like it was attached to something like if it came out of a mold design – I did use my phone to get that up close snapshot then I zeroed it in on the computer. It’s best I can do. It shows the same thing under microscope except the photo in the video I have on here, is just a little blurry since I used my phone. The point of this is to show the squares with spheres in them along with their tags. It looks just like an advanced circuit board.. and guess what.. it reminds me so much of the Giza pyramids complex too.. all those holes in those buildings, etc.. if I were to zoom out of that – it looks just like a circuit board lol!.. fascinating.

If I were to be hypothetical crazy about it, I would have to say that this anku amulet wasn’t made on Earth. It was made on Mars. — (family lore states this amulet came from Mars – hence the name “ANKU” is mars origin – which I still have a hard time believing today, and Earth’s origin would be the “ANKH”) but that would require intense examination of the metal itself by a professional metallurgist. Is there a professional metallurgist who I can trust, who can examine this? I doubt I could trust anyone- oh well. A metallurgist doing some samples of the metal, freaking out just how pure this metal is – or unknown alien type metal?.. well.. that would freak him/her out and probably will report it to the government. One thing I really hate – is government involvement.. I had too much of that experience in my past.. I want nothing to do with the government, nor any countries’ governments.

The Mars ‘origin’ part could define why the EMAH – (a spiral, configurations, etc – various depicted names etc, like marduk, medusa, dragon, etc so many names, was in orbit above Mars.. after the destruction of Tiamat- and committed different configurations and shapes during those first 5000 years, like a bright star in the sky, with Mars in front of it etc.. – and one of the configurations is the Anku configuration.) These depictions are ALL OVER this planet.. so many depictions.. thunderbolts, different types of plasma designs, spirals, electrical currents, etc.. literally everywhere in every friggin continent. These petraglyphs show these depictions, heck even all the way in greek mythology too. It’s literally everywhere.. can’t miss them either.

Family Lore clearly states that this Anku amulet was created during the construction of the 17th pyramid on Earth as it depicts having 17 pyramids on it with 7 spheres emanating from each pyramid which reaches the ‘shield’ around the stone. There are also 17 spheres circling the stone as a ‘shield’. The background shows these lines in it, as it supposed to be energy waves.. I guess… So, is it really TRUE that it came from MARS? … while the pyramids were being built on Earth at the time? I don’t know but that’s what family lore says. (Family Lore is oral tradition.. long before it was written in stone etc)

This is a TOTAL mind blowing artifact – and I still can’t believe HOW this was passed down through my family. Anyone who had an inkling what this artifact may be, would have most likely stolen it or buried it or whatever..

Anku means “Power of the Royal Seals” – and that Anku designation is the same symbol as the Symbol of An.. I grew up with this laying in a wooden box that my mother had, and after she passed away, it was given to my sister. My mom told me that ONLY WOMEN can TOUCH THIS.. I was like OK!!!… whatever until I touched it and my fingers went shat numb.. MOM?? She said YOU TOUCHED IT!.. NO NO NO!!! NEVER TOUCH IT! .. YOU’RE A BOY.. NEVER EVER TOUCH IT..IT’S FOR GIRLS ONLY! She literally slapped my hands..hard… Then on that same day, my mom left a roast beef fork on the stove and my numb hand tried to reach it, and I wanted to eat the meat out of the roast beef in the pan, but what I didn’t know it was almost red hot..as the stove was left on.. and I stuck it in my mouth and burnt my tongue nearly out of my mouth! Man, I cried and cried that day, I ended up in the hospital with a huge swollen tongue and burnt mouth… Learned my lesson on that day. I was 9 years old – *sniff. I got the scars on my lips to prove it too.