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Hello Jake, just wondering if you have id’ed the stone in the amulet yet? Looks like celestite to me. Can you get alot closer images like a microscope shot to look at tooling marks etc? Don’t mind me just like to overexplore stuff, lol.

I just uploaded my original 4 videos on Youtube again. I hope my new channel doesn’t get banned like before (made a new acct) – so I decided to combine all 4 videos into 1 video.

Additional Information:

1. In the Amulet video – I used a knife to turn over the amulet. Every friggin’ time I touch it, it turns my fingers numb. I used latex gloves and still it turns them numb, so I use pliers and a piece of plastic straw tube to carry it or give it back to my sister, letting her take it. My sister is the only woman in my family who can touch it without going numb, after all it was made for women. I do not have to explain any further as I have already indicated the stuff in this topic about it.

2. Quano based technology demonstration. Quano standalone cannot be seen by the naked eye, however Quano circuitry can be seen by the naked eye because it’s ‘big’ enough to be seen up close by magnifying glass or by computer zoom.

3. Essence – This is AURUM Essence made by me to help combat against Angiosarcoma cancer which I was diagnosed in 2015.

I was told by my doctor that there’s no way to be completely cured of this specific type of cancer because it relates to blood vessels. You can imagine, that I was severely depressed and was given options to try chemotherapy and other treatments but I declined. As I was preparing to die from being in Stage 1 which this cancer only has a 5 year survival rate, and it would increase in intensity by rapidly metastasizing all over my body. I was already bleeding from my orifices including my ears and eyes even in Stage 1. Stage 2, stage 3 and 4… Uh.. I don’t even want to think about that.

I came across this information in the sumerian tablets regarding leprosy disease. – and it dawned on me that Leprosy has the same tumor suppression disorder factor in genetic terms, directly aligned with the Angiosarcoma cancer, after all Angiosarcoma is a blood vessel cancer and both diseases do cause lesions upon the skin. Both diseases share the same basic trait – and this is where tumor suppressor disorder comes from. It clearly explains how to cure Leprosy. I forgot where that is located at in the tablets, so you can read it, but it’s in there somewhere – talking about gold, silver, honey and ghee. I couldn’t believe it and after so many trials to get the formula correct, I finally got it. The Essence itself is light green colored and is explicitly balanced in precision. If it isn’t balanced, it turns milky white and is no good, must be disposed.

After taking a dose per day until it was depleted, I became better and stronger. Three days after my first dose, I stopped bleeding. It took me a year to finally come out of the disease state. My doctor confirmed that I no longer have Angiosarcoma. I also had fibromyalgia and even that disappeared right along with the cancer. I lost considerable weight and shrunk. I used to be 6’3 in height, and now I am 6’0. Was it the cause of this elixir or .. was it just a natural formation of the spine?

Either way, I am still alive today, and that’s all it counts for me. Gold and Silver – once you use a certain percentage of each ingredient, you actually create what you call “electrum”. Then, without actually knowing, you put this basic ‘electrum’ mix into direct sunlight, at a certain temperature, it becomes “etherum”… yes no kidding!… Etherum elixir, is what creates a new particle somehow by sunlight. I figured it out and I know why the Annunaki had those purses. They were giving this medicine to people to help them avoid sickness from the altered consciousness fields of the Earth from the severe cataclysm – and that medicine resided in them for the rest of their lives and is literally passed down through their family until it was “corrected”. The Honey and Ghee parts of the mixture was designed as modern terms of ‘antibiotics’ .. who ever came up with that “Ghee” part is absolute genius, because it is a eastern type of butter and is easily mixed into concentrated forms. A certain type of fat in that butter paved a way to smooth over the antibiotic properties. I never used the Ghee ingredient in my Aurum Essence doses but I did try raw honey mixed into it. It is absolutely mind boggling that it works!

March 2020 will be 5 years for me from the day I was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma cancer. I had figured that the reason blood vessels become cancerous, along with any other diseases with similar traits, is because of the lack of minute gold particles. You get minute gold and silver particles in your body everyday from the foods and liquids you consume. So minute, that science have always thought they have no use for in our bodies. From this Aurum Essence, GOLD AND SILVER DOES HAVE USES in our bodies. Gold, in it’s natural minute state, mixed in a certain cytoplasmic format, like in a body cell, has properties that must coordinate with the body cell. If the body begins to reject the gold intake from food and liquids, the genetic application then produces cancerous results to the body. So yea, science is looking into this in recent times about using gold. It is absolutely amazing.. and NO, Monoatomic gold DOES NOT WORK in the deeper levels of the body aka DNA – it only touches the ‘surface’ and is excreted naturally. Aurum essence is an Elixir.. perhaps it is the Elixir of the Gods.. If it didn’t work for me, I would not be typing on here, I would have most likely died from the disease a couple years ago.

I have shared this Essence with a few friends of mine to help out their problems as well. I came to found out that the Essence itself is very flexible regarding mixing with other stuff such like herbs and etc, and it helps boost the herbal properties and so forth. Amazing stuff!!!.

4. Two Stars.. yea.. believe that or not.. Why did RA have a RED sun disk on his head? .. Good question.. Hypothetical though.. and in my opinion, I think this is why.

Anyways, I know this is ALOT to take in.. and to read all of this. I am somewhat a writer, as I love to write, so thank you for taking your time to read this from me. Again, it’s also another reason why I have to remain anonymous. I know too much about this stuff – and the technology I just demonstrated on here, it would REALLY put the spotlight on me. Yea, call me chicken, but I am deathly afraid of the government, military, etc etc, at least I am totally anonymous on here, (yes My IP addresses, etc, are all covert – I am not that stupid, you know 😉 )

Any questions on any of this? Please don’t hesitate to ask.. I am wide open to share!

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