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Hello Jake, just wondering if you have id’ed the stone in the amulet yet? Looks like celestite to me. Can you get alot closer images like a microscope shot to look at tooling marks etc? Don’t mind me just like to overexplore stuff, lol.

Hi King!

Ummm the only thing I was told about this stone is that it’s a “Kuanos” stone. I was never told how it was spelled out like that, but it’s what it sounds like. I did look on google for that type and I ended up with a greek version stone type and it’s not what it is. Now I just looked it up for Celestite.. interesting! hmmmm….

Yea, the upclose pictures of the back of the amulet are included in here – I had it up close on my computer zoom and it shows these boxes with spheres in them which have tags on them. I was told by family when I was growing up, that this is Annunaki technology known as “Quano” – which is quantum – nano technology but is similar to a picometer, however the circuitry is visible to the naked eye, just that the standalone Quano itself has to be looked under a electron microscope. I placed the up close picture in a green spectrum filter, so it can be more clear. Any metallurgist looking at that, is going to freak. – seriously.

And – I was also told from family lore that this quano stuff is everywhere on Earth.. just that we have not been able to recognize it as ancient technology because we never knew what it looked like in the first place. If not damaged, or weathered or eroded by weather, etc, it would be in a lot of archeological digs, just that the findings really need to take a very close look at the nano level or close up to examine it.

Yes, this is real .. can’t make this up… this amulet was made for women – and the freaken thing glows every 30 days or so.. like if the embedded circuit is powering it from the energy harvested in the atmosphere. Hmmm…

EDIT: I had to resize the photo of the back end of the amulet. I can’t have large pictures on this forum, or it will fail to upload. If I had a full resolution of this photo, you could look at it too.. upclose on your computer.. —ALSO Edit: I can’t find anything like this anywhere in the world.. I’ve looked. I only stuck with the annunaki lore because its the only thing that made sense to me. The tool markings on this amulet is microscopic – and it’s NO WAY for our modern technology to even duplicate it when you look at it up close with all these squares with spheres in them.. plus tags.. just like a electronic circuit board.

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