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Read the book Of enoch! It has a lot of answers to questions you ask! My understanding and belief angels were created by the creator, they didnt listen knocked up some humans, created a bunch of weird creatures and the Nephillim, in the book of Enoch it tells you what angel tried to take the blame for them all but they knew better and lies would not allow was it Azazel to take the full blame! Its been a while since i read it! It tells you which fallen had which skills that they were teaching humans! Visions of Hell, the well of souls. Its worth a read a lot is explained to Enoch from the Angels. MY personal Belief tho is that we are all a speck of creation so a we are also creation. We are a part of the whole together every piece of energy in the universe is the creator. We dont all need to be Gods we all need to be selfless have a higher power and together we can return paradise for a while till the next cycle starts! I believe the angels are trans dimensional beings however there is also alien races that have high level of tech advancement, they want everyone to think they are gods, only one creator tho that is everyone and everything that makes up the whole is the existence of the creator! Its kind of a paradox but it makes sense if you grasp it! So even if we were created by fallen or aliens we were created by the creator still, because it created everything, it was a choice I guess, another good book the Immortal by JJ dewey.

Azazel have always manipulated things – him and his two brothers – and still do so today. They tried the hybridization process on Earth when he was told that it was impossible to do. The consciousness fields (CF) of Earth, after it was altered, still does not allow foreign hosts to have access to the template of mankind. It is incompatible with the CF’s design. Not only Azazel and his brothers, other species who were ETs at the time, did try the same manipulation tactics. They too were warned about that. Abductions in many scenarios always have had gotten females impregnated for the hybridization agenda.

What makes Earth so special is the consciousness field and the mankind body design which came with it in a compatible format. There still are some serious jealous species out there, with all their technologies, trying to figure out how to access the template of the human body even up until today. (resulting in animal and human mutilation, etc) It is forbidden and shall remain forbidden. When a foreign host accesses the template, the CF begins attacking it over time and eventually the foreign invading host has to leave or the body will die… or if the body has been cloned, manufactured, etc, and if the consciousness field is not properly configured into it’s template, the CF will also attack it as well, forcing the body to die…not allowing it to live long. This goes for any species of life form on Earth – animals, plants, insects, etc. Simply put, the CF has to be properly configured to be compatible with the various types of bodies’ design,(humans, animals etc) such as intricate DNA, genes, etc etc. Before the CF was altered by a cataclysmic state, The creators of man’s template had tried 8 times to get it right from various parts from all over the universe, parts on Earth, etc, including from their own genetic parts – as it was much easier to create and to be accepted by the planet’s method of life form growth. Not so much anymore today, as it is severely limited – extinction of other human, animal and plant life forms became permitted by the CF. I.e.- If a creator were to remake mankind, he will most likely fail because the CF is currently severely limited.

When Azazel learned of this incompatibility issue, he then tried to kill human bodies that had the proper ‘host’ consciousness field {CF} configuration and tried to override the CF’s parameters. This caused a war of sorts on Earth allowing his creation of ‘non hosts’ to propagate with host females. Back then, it was known as “souls” – before the cataclysmic state which changed to “hosts – non hosts” scenarios, however am just using this as a reference. Today, people are STILL using the word “souls”… This is where the idea of ‘first child born to be killed’ came from, which had multiple meanings.. Grand armies marching against each other on the surface of the Earth, using probable technologies that we have today.

When the cataclysmic state occurred, it killed Azazel’s entire “crops” and he conceded defeat. Today, him and his brothers are now guarding the “after life” scenarios, specifically with reincarnation, impersonating anyone that the host ever believed in or loved, to trick the person to be sent back into the reincarnation process. Azazel and his brothers (Azar and Azule) are triplets and have the capability to create their own versions of constructs, or fake realities to fool individuals. Long story where they came from, but in turn, people who have OOBE experiences, (out of body experience) etc, best be warned to be careful while associating themselves with negative entities. Be positive all you can be, but yet these negative entities do not want a OOBE experienced person to know the entire truth about them, etc, and they do pursue people until either physically killed or mangled up so bad that the individual can’t ‘learn’ anymore. I have seen so many videos on youtube, etc, multiple other platforms, talking about how great OOBE really is, etc, etc, without even discussing the negative side – a warning of dire consequences.. hmm.. They should warn people, who are new to this stuff, to just be careful… and not to take it too far. I have seen so many victims of the triplet brothers being affected after their successful attempt at clarity when going into OOBe (out of body experience) format.

Anyways, yes it is true, that we don’t need to be ‘gods’ – that is old and archaic for the meaningful purpose it once had in the ancient days. Thank you for suggesting me to read the book of Enoch.. I haven’t read it but it sounds like it’s interesting!