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Read the book Of enoch! It has a lot of answers to questions you ask! My understanding and belief angels were created by the creator, they didnt listen knocked up some humans, created a bunch of weird creatures and the Nephillim, in the book of Enoch it tells you what angel tried to take the blame for them all but they knew better and lies would not allow was it Azazel to take the full blame! Its been a while since i read it! It tells you which fallen had which skills that they were teaching humans! Visions of Hell, the well of souls. Its worth a read a lot is explained to Enoch from the Angels. MY personal Belief tho is that we are all a speck of creation so a we are also creation. We are a part of the whole together every piece of energy in the universe is the creator. We dont all need to be Gods we all need to be selfless have a higher power and together we can return paradise for a while till the next cycle starts! I believe the angels are trans dimensional beings however there is also alien races that have high level of tech advancement, they want everyone to think they are gods, only one creator tho that is everyone and everything that makes up the whole is the existence of the creator! Its kind of a paradox but it makes sense if you grasp it! So even if we were created by fallen or aliens we were created by the creator still, because it created everything, it was a choice I guess, another good book the Immortal by JJ dewey.

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