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Additional information – someone just asked me about Mars, and how do I know that one of the symbols depict a planet and mars, plus earth? Photos are in the order given below and are marked in red for clarity:

“saltwaterplanet1” – you can see a very faint depiction which looks like a human face plus what looks like ‘pieces’ all over from it. This is a depiction of the destruction of a planet; also a human face depiction with “pieces surrounding it” is salt. This is how I come to that conclusion that the depiction right there is a salt water planet.

“Marsdepictionarrow1” – The ancient symbol for Mars is an “arrow within an arrow” – it shows that it clearly in this one. You can also see a being standing on the “arched energy line” coming from the spiral – This means that there used to be humanoid life on Mars. It can’t get any clear than that. Human being depiction standing on a line defines “consciousness” or “alive” –

“archearth1” – It is clear in this part, the spiral was sending energy surges downward to the people. You can see people being “thrown in the air” by the impact. An arched energy from a spiral does cause a “net” formation of energy; aka plasma “thunderbolt” energy which looks just like a net! – Modern day version of a net being propelled out of a gun or a cannon demonstrates this. Plasma energy stream when it is propelled, does form into a net, as it splits itself into many ‘strands’ while being propelled. Hmm.

It also demonstrates a being on the left side of the “net” along with the animals in the whole scenario only depicts Earth. There were beings in those days who had horns; which was an ancient term for “giant”.

Hope this clears it up – Fascinating! .. however you interpret this is up to you – but this is how I see it.

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