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I think this will be my last post on here for all time.

I want to make it sweet and final… keep in mind, this is ALL my opinion… but to the best knowledge and ability that I have. Nothing too deep… –

You know.. all these Sumerian related artifacts, tablets, etc, that we discovered throughout the years and continue to do so, I just want you all to know that they were originally oral until they were carved into stone. Carved into stone became legends and mythology which also led into religion. The Anuna (annunaki) could not communicate with their creation – so they had to allow the creation to form it’s own language before they were able to communicate. Just like with animals, we, today, still cannot completely communicate with. After seven prototypes of mankind was created, the final 8th pair; male and female; was made ‘high priest’ of the Anuna. The high priests then had their own people form a language of some kind in which they could understand each other. It was oral at first until later, they developed writing. All this was pre-flood. Man and woman multiplied on the face of the Earth… Seven original races of mankind were spawned from the Anuna’s creation which led to the seven brothers. Different colors, size, shape, and so on.

When the star shifted into a field which altered the consciousness fields of this planet while affecting others, due to the impact of an outside force, causing a rift in this solar system, the Anuna themselves began to die. Planet Mars were no longer being absorbed by the Emah, a creature of black hole origin, which it acted like one. They were no longer compatible with this planet to live on it. In the beginning, our star had a minor green type spectrum, which allowed the consciousness fields of Earth and Mars to support a longer life span. With this change, the modification gave away and increased the green spectrum, etc, while subtracting the other spectrum from the star. This altered the genetic pattern of all creation on Earth. People and animals were no longer living long life spans, as each generation born, it got shorter and shorter.

Man used to live for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, it’s a paltry 80 years or so of average human life span. The Anuna had a special request given to their priests to have their bodies placed atop of a mountain and be incinerated to dust. They understood the life and death matters since they were not originally from this solar system. The death of their bodies caused an issue with their ‘souls’ which was on the behalf of the Emah. Again, when the Emah began to dissipate from this solar system, it created a rift inside the orbit between Mars and Jupiter. The rift was then attached to our Star and it absorbed that magnetic anomaly. The rift itself was a highly dense magnetic anomalies that the planetary debris, after it’s destruction, in the same area between Mars and Jupiter, became congealed into magnetic patterning. This is known as scientific fact that ‘asteroids’ in that belt, follows a certain magnetic pattern which clumps to each other.

The rift gave away a new type of dimension that the “souls” of the Anuna had entered from the Earthly plane. It was then considered as “hosts” instead of “souls”. They simply ascended by force. This is where the word ‘Naki” comes from. NA’KI – means that KI, sister of An, was the first to ascend into the heavenly realms. Younger civilizations began to follow that pattern which then was molded into religion. Tombs, and so forth spawned from this.

Today, there is a hosts to non hosts ratio on Earth. The consciousness fields give this ratio accordingly as 60/40. I don’t know if you’ll ever believe this or not, but the “non hosts” are those who do not have ‘souls’. Ever meet a person who seems to have no ‘soul’ nor any ’empathy’? .. Think about that, seriously think about it… In those days after the Anuna passed on, leaving mankind behind to fend for himself, horrible wars began. Constant warring between civilizations began, and we have been at war ever since then. There is always WAR on this planet somewhere..between the hosts and the non hosts – and it has been this way since the Anuna passed on. Mankind’s compatibility to the consciousness fields of the Earth, continues to this day but is greatly affected by the changes in the star’s magnetic density, shortening our lives – With technology, we can only hope to lengthen our lives someday.

The Emah had positioned itself outside our solar system, keeping a constant check on our planets, seeking to destroy whatever abundance of life essence is found. The more dense a consciousness field is, the more it will come and eat it. It’s primary function, is to eat worlds just like a black hole would. Our planet Earth is constantly shielded and is invisible against the Emah, because the Anunna had built the ever lasting pyramids for this sole purpose. The moon we have today is also our protector. Science has ALREADY proven that the moon is ALSO inside our atmosphere. It’s purpose is to keep water balanced on the Earth after the planetary debris incident which flooded the planet.

That is all – I know this is one heck of a story, but this is all I can give you. There are more to this and it’s up to you to dig and keep digging for answers.

1. To the best of my knowledge and ability, this is TRUE. I would swear it on a stack of bibles if you want me to or swear it by someone’s grave. It is just a matter of evidence, text translations and so on, to give out the evidence needed to support these statements. My words may conflict with what you’ve learned, put it aside and find solace in these words.
2. I share this knowledge with you, not because of fame, nor seeking the ’15 minutes’ of spot light, I rather keep myself anonymous. Study these texts well.

3. I am a HOST. Like explained above, the hosts can also experience human life in a non host body coming from the ‘other dimension’. Believe it or not, I am An of the Anuna, the so famed ‘sky god’…. As crazy this would sound to you, I have a purpose, albeit a temporary one. I have been here for a long time, going from one body to the next – sharing information as much as I could. Today, it is a perfect time to share this with you – you may not understand it at first, but with evidence coming to light, you will… in time. Study the ancient tablet texts, read up on what’s happening all over the world, and keep an eye out on the mysteries of the skies.

4. “The net above the Earth” has been destroyed. Man has been permitted to ascend to a higher level of technical knowledge permanently and forever until self destructed OR for prosperity, which peace reign forever and ever. It is your choice to make, I leave this up to you. You’re almost ready.

Those who read these texts I have written on here, will be blessed with a special gift. A gift that is already included in these words.

That is all. Thank you for reading and thank you for keeping this on your forum website.