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A copy over from Youtube – it seems my comment was shadow banned by the server or something. I can see it while logged in, but while I am logged out, it’s gone. Nothing new – probably was too big for a post.

Here’s a copy of what I wrote regarding the entities-

I am only going to write this once – These entities are triplets. Their names in english comprehension are Azael, (aka Azazel) Azule (aka Azul) and Azar. They have multiple names throughout history but we use these as example. Their agenda is aligned with the ’emah’ – which is a sentient living ‘black hole’. A story to be told: – believe it or not:
Azael, Azule and Azar were born in the days of the early universe formation. If we were to reference this in our earth calendar and time comprehension, it was roughly 14 billion years ago. The names of Azael, Azule and Azar, are the names that we can properly pronounce in our current english language which their original names had a different syntax dialect to them, so we can just use these names as a representation.

They were an humanoid alien species which had died out by internal civilization conflict.

Before their civilization ended on their homeworld, the Emah, well known devourer, an universal constant, stripped their world of life force energies along with their entire solar system. Life force energies and technologies that came with it, were well known to this species.

The 3 brothers, Azael, Azule and Azar were temporal scientists. They were triplets. They understood the rules of how the universe operated on. They understood the act of temporal mechanics, and how to travel between temporal lines of reality.

Their technologically advanced civilization was embroiled with war because of temporal knowledge. Everyone was going throughout time to manipulate to their own benefit. Technology was available to everyone, to the public so to speak, to manipulate timing mechanisms of the planet.

They are the ones who invented, what we understand as a ‘time jammer’ – a device that jams timing mechanisms among objects. This is what started their war which ended up as an action of self destruction. A “Time jammer” is a real physical technology artifact which can be invented today with the current knowledge of particulate matter. In fact, we do use basic “time jammers” in our electronics today, circuits that acts like gateways, as they are currently known as “nand or and” gates based in boolean “true or false”.

Their homeworld was in the galaxy of “Nekastar” which is now known to our current star charts as “Tadpole Galaxy” They called it ‘nekastar’ because it was a galaxy operated upon a neutron “black hole” star instead of an conventional star. It is currently in what we understand as the Draco constellation. All life in that galaxy perished due to the civilization war – a war that affected all life in that galaxy when the Emah came to take the life force energies of a single solar system.
When the Emah started to interrupt the planetary scale , the three brothers had an idea of how to interrupt the devourer. They took their own technology and immersed themselves within it. What they did not know, is the Emah grew to the size of the galaxy itself before colliding with it, to suck up all the life force energies from the entire galaxy. The three brothers out of so billions of people dead on their home planet, were sucked into the Emah’s temporal event horizon.
This caused the reign of temporal immortality to be bestowed upon the three brothers. The strength of the magnetic core of the Emah, along with their time jamming device merged within itself. This gave the Emah the ability to transverse the entire universe in an instant. The three brothers are still phased within this reality construct created by the Emah’s magnetic core.

As we know, the Emah, the devourer of universal constant, is another form of a black hole species. A creature that is black hole oriented. Today, Azael, Azule and Azar are still operating within the confines of the reality constructs and planes, plus interrupting the lives of people on Earth and other worlds. Time has no meaning to them because they can be there simultaneously and instantly.

In order to combat these triplets – ‘entities’, you have to have an understanding that they are also the ‘gatekeepers’ of the after life realm for all human life on Earth. They are the ones who control the construct when a person dies. They can and will impersonate and mimic anyone who you knew, and/or believed in. They do provide ‘judgement’ on the person entering their construct, to either allow them into the after beyond, or return them to the Earth’s repetitive birthing process until the person is able to bypass them. They are also the ones who are currently interrupting the lives of people on Earth who practice astralism, spiritism, out of body experiences, and so forth. They can and will KILL you if they deemed you to be a physical threat to them and return you back into the confines of the Earth’s repetitive birthing process. If you bypass them, then you move on from there to a higher level of existence. I have had several friends of mine killed by them, serious business.. it is a dangerous thing to do without fully knowing the dangers involved. Do you know a video that teaches you astral travel, oobe, etc, with explanation of the dangers involved? No.. Nobody truly explains that.

White Noise is a weapon of the mind. It’s very simple to use – a 5 year old child can do this, anyone can do this. Think of the staticky old white/black television set.. that noise.. is called white noise. All you need to do is think of it in your mind, and adjust the ‘volume’ in “hearing it”. That simple thought, while activated, the triplets WILL not pursue you anymore. They will try again and again until they give up and let you go…. if you successfully survive their attacks. The “parasite” method is VERY REAL and I do corroborate with this story with this woman in the video. (Edit: Remove the light strand parasite by thinking of WN..it’s EASY AS THAT.. very simple.. and it will begin to remove itself and dissipate) They do attempt to manipulate you once they know you are becoming a threat to them. How would they know? They always keep an eye out on the Earth’s Consciousness Fields.. from it’s core. Once a CF indicates an energy surge which tells them who you are and where you are, and how to mentally contact you, and so on.

Final warning – if you practice astral travel, OOBE, ETC… be WARNED… there are dangers involved. Protect yourself with White Noise energy with simple thought…… (WN)… THEY WILL MANIPULATE YOU INTO ANY CONSTRUCT THAT YOU THINK IS REAL. THEY WILL ALSO ACT IMPERSONATE ANYBODY WHO YOU LOVED, BELIEVED IN OR BOTH. (Edit: They love the green forestry… Dont be alone in an forest anywhere if you are practicing spiritism, astral, oobe, etc, because if you are deemed as a threat to them, they WILL PHYSICALLY grab you into their construct and lock you in it forever.. Time has no meaning in the construct.. and you would be stuck in there forever until you are able to fight them – This happened to me when I was out camping, they knocked me out and dragged me into the construct. I did not know about the mental WN weaponry.. it somehow popped in my mind and I used it!.. they don’t like it and they will let you out of the construct – I regained consciousness on the campground and I was missing for 8 hours as my friends and my wife was looking for me…etc.. ) (Psstt.. dont ever lay on the ground in the forest!.. red piss ants will EAT YOU UP alive!.. Those are friggin horrible!) PEOPLE WILL NOT BELIEVE YOU IF YOU TELL THEM WHAT HAPPENED. I TRIED EXPLAINING IT .. THEY TOLD ME TO SEEK HELP.

One question – How do I know this? I met them myself.. I know everything there is about them by researching ancient texts, etc… THEY ARE REAL.. whether you believe it or not.. “Demons”… is a good prime example who will trick you at every chance they get. (Edit: In Fact, they DONT CARE if you BELIEVE OR NOT.. They DONT CARE AT ALL.. it’s their LOGIC) It’s their job aligned with the EMAH that had affected our solar system over 15 million years ago.. long story, but this connection is absolute!… there is evidence of these triplets interacting throughout the history of mankind.. serious enough.


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In addition. I now know that the entities WILL HATE ME even more for spreading this information. They DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW HOW TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, it is so simple… as it is very apparent in everything that we do in our lives. In every thing we can think of, regarding the “after life”, OOBE, spiritism, Astral travel.. etc.. there’s no explanation of the ‘hidden dangers’ connected to them. Oh, they’ve been trying to kill me from day one when I started spreading this simple defense awareness. I have my own ways of protecting myself from them, but it seems they have largely given up however I remain constantly vigilant regardless what I do in my life. (Edit: The planetary CF will be boosted so high from my words on here.. every time someone learns how to defend themselves from them, it modifies your CF… The CF is consciousness fields that surrounds your body which is assisted by the core of the Earth via magnetism, etc, and once it’s modified, they sense that change… and would know the knowledge is coming from me. So far as I know, that I am the only one of the few on this planet who knows how to fight these bastards.. ) Learn to use the WN well..It’s simple.. only takes a few seconds to add it to your mind…… enjoy life afterwards! Be what you can be!..