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Hello again!

Here’s the 3rd and final part of this post –

Let’s talk about the Pyramids of Earth – What they are, how they were constructed, and why they were constructed. I will be including a few photos of a original pyramid which is buried under magma in this post and a few other photos.

First of all-

– The pyramids of the Earth, the original ones, were built to shield this planet from destruction, like what is indicated, in the first post on here, to shield it from the “emah”, a sentient living black hole –

– The original pyramids are designed to withstand the tests of time, whether if it’s under water, under sand, and even under old magma flows. The pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, as example, are defunct, because mankind had destroyed the ‘sabotar’ caverns beneath the pyramids and nearby water basins which served as a purpose to create energy transmission source. This was typical and was expected by the age old ‘gods’ of the Earth – as these pyramids are served for multiple reasons including showing mankind that these things exist.

During the construction of the pyramids on Earth, they used plants known at the time as ‘saffron’. These saffron type plants were heavily used by birds in those days, to build their nests. Their nests are no different from cement. Solid cemented nests were found by the natives at the time. “Saffron” juice is a base where if mixed with charged particles, will begin to dissolve any porous material such as stone. Once charged and poured onto granite, for example, it begins to become putty like. This putty like substance allowed them to cut through the stones with ease and mold them to their liking. Serrated blades made out of copper and other materials that were present at the time, were used. The putty like substances did create heat within the area of application.

This led to the construction of the Pyramids – as they were originally called “Earth Force” regarding the energy that they emit. Each ton of stone, using saffron juice underneath them, allowed them to be transported with ease and transported even through the air because the charged juice is what “levitated” them. Hard to believe, I know.

Again, from what I am about to tell you – this is entirely my opinion –

What is “saffron”-
It is a plant not native to this planet. They planted the seeds and it grew all over the world. The charged particles used, is none other than ‘electrum’. Electrum consists of gold and silver mixture at a base that is also mixed with the saffron plant based juice. Each application on a stone begins to “melt” it, and begins to remove the ‘weight’ factor from the stone itself, thus making them light as air. In physics, you need to have a ‘replacement’ factor for something that is ‘porous’ which replaces that ‘porous material’ – in order to create something that becomes weightless. Science, today, have something similar to this – the “aerogel”.

Original Saffron plants no longer exist on this planet however the descendant hybrid plants do exist. It’s everywhere in every known area on the planet. Daffodils, for example, are currently known descended saffron plants. Their internal juice still have minor parts of the original Saffron plant juices… if you harvest enough of them, you may be able to create a few drops of the original Saffron juice. You will have to separate the ‘milk’ contents of the juice to refine it. Since the original saffron plant was not native to this planet, it begun to die out pretty quickly however, it was able to cross breed with other plants.

From there, the “7 brothers” and their groups harvested stone and begun to create new stones out of them using electrified, charged saffron base, thus allowing them to construct these pyramids all over the world. Each brother were considered “gods” in those days, and their groups “priests”.

Each pyramid built, were in the order built – on specific energy grid lines of this planet. They had to be built in a specific order, not random because of the energy connection of the grid. It was best made to harvest specific energy from the energy base complex. The underground “sabotar” caverns were built first, using the sabotar disks (now known as sabu disks) as a rotating factor, a vat of gold laden ‘box’, andasite generator stone inside the cavern. Water is then stirred with the spinning of the disks, thus causing a whirlpool to form, thus taking the charged ‘stagnant’ water from the vat, which pours itself into the mixture, causing a electrical force medium. Each ‘sabu disk’ were positioned just right in the cavern in the water basin, on a pole, with a copper coiled, gold covered pole. The mechanism spins the water into a charged content, and the charges then are applied towards the sabotar cavern walls. The walls were then made with specific crystal based lines which only goes from the basin into the pyramid base itself. There are “wired” in a such a way that the water basin was in a distance instead of directly underneath the pyramid.

The energy is then transported via water upwards into the pyramid walls itself, (king – queen chambers etc) until it is met into a region where the water is no longer needed. The Djed pillar (so-k’kar in old language) is used to refine the energy captured from the crystalline input in the walls which then is amplified via the djed pillar. The pillar then emits that energy up into the focal point of the pyramid itself which goes directly to it’s capstone. The capstone itself has a spherical input made from charged saffron juice itself, which was built by input the charged medium inside the capstone while it hardened.

Science today have captured a mysterious ‘void’ in the great pyramid. That void is an enclosed box where the djed pillar is located at. Every original pyramid on Earth has it’s own pillar. The area is designed to keep people out and is off limits to access. A fully charged pillar is a highly charged device and is deadly to life forms.

When the energy gets transmitted from the capstone into the atmosphere, the main “dark” pyramid of Earth Force then harvests this energy from the atmosphere. “Dark” means hidden, which was the first pyramid built on Earth. It is built somewhere deep inside the Earth’s crust, whereas it could never be found unless specific technology is used. The Dark pyramid was specifically made to withstand the heat emission of the planet’s mantle, the core and so on. It is still functioning to this day and it carries a different bandwidth of energy after harvesting the energy from the rest of the original surface pyramids on Earth. This DARK pyramid would also be the largest pyramid on Earth.

Every original pyramid originating from the dark pyramid then on, never had any inscriptions in them. They knew that the younger civilizations would begin to carry this knowledge of the ‘saffron’ based technology and put it to a good use for themselves. Over time, so they did. Again, without these pyramids, Mankind wouldn’t exist today, as Earth would be a barren, lifeless hunk of rock.

This is about as far I can go with this –

.. and yes.. the original ‘NAKI’ (7 brothers etc) did build these pyramids. Over time, these things were built for a reason…. to protect us.. their descendants. So much mythology has been written.. religions, and so on.. all of it is so confusing.. but it is there for a purpose.


-Pictures of the Hagerman Idaho Pyramid encased in old magma. It is finally being eroded.. from recent heavy rains. Coming down the hill from Bliss Idaho towards Hagerman Idaho, you can’t miss it! It’s right there for all to see!
– Electrum based chemistry, powered by sunlight. I call this “aurum essence” – I made this to cure certain cancer and other diseases that I had at the time. This sumerian based alchemy knowledge was also passed down through my family. The liquid is electrifying! – it helps awareness also! I call it ‘liquid lightning’.

That is all for now. Peace.

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