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Hello All,

Thank you for allowing me to post on here. I thought I’ll just go ahead and add a few things to this topic-

First of all, I want to show you something – that is, in my opinion, considered concrete evidence of the “annunaki” artifact. I tried to include a video of it, but the maximum file size is 4mb, so I couldn’t –

– This is called the “Anku” necklace – amulet… This was worn by women, who were once considered loved by the higher order of the “gods”… It was designed to show that women who wore this amulet around their necks, are meant to be ‘fertile’ and are ready to have ‘intercourse’ – “Anku” means “Power of Royal Seals”…

This Anku amulet is the same design that is worn by men as “wrist watches” as depicted in the photo included… however this Anku amulet is a necklace form for women only. Women only wore necklaces while Men wore “wrist watches”. This amulet is smaller than the ‘wrist watches’ worn by men while the ‘wrist watches’ are more intricate in design than of this one for women. It was in their culture that it was a way to display their ‘sexual prowess and readiness’.

The Anku artifact, again, in my opinion, is not made with any material on Earth. The stone itself, is called in their language “Kuanos” – and from what I believe, is not also made on Earth. The amulet was obviously made from a mold and then the items (spheres and pyramids) were added to it. I use yarn as a necklace because it should not be used with any metal based necklaces.

Before I get into this – This has been passed down through my family for many generations. I ended up with it as I am the last born child of the family. It’s amazing, and I did thorough research on this artifact and I can’t find anything like it on Earth… except in annunaki lore. You can buy many amulets on the internet, etc, but you will never find one just like this – unless you can prove me wrong. I couldn’t believe it myself either.


17 pyramids around the base, with 7 ‘spheres’ “emanating” from the pyramids which then reaches the midst of other 7 spheres which then orbits the “kuanos” stone – which represents Earth. “Ku-a-nos” is a weird way of pronouncing it and I am not even entirely sure how to spell it right either, so I just write it as “kuanos” instead. This description only means that this amulet was hand made from mold, etc, while the 17th surface pyramid on Earth was being constructed. The “7” spheres that orbits the kuanos aka “Earth” represents the megalithic shield.

Every 30 calendar days or so, when the untouched, hidden, functioning surface pyramids of the Earth emit their energy transmissions which gets gathered up in the main “dark” pyramid chambers, converting it to another form of energy, and while emitting it into space to refuel our shield, this “kuanos” stone begins to glow. This allowed women know that they are being “protected by their “gods of love”….

I have personally seen this stone glow faintly in daylight but is more brightly seen in the dark. It’s an amazing piece of technology I have ever seen. I am so certain that there’s nothing like this on Earth…

What’s fascinating about all this, is how it was made. I do know what kind of metal this may be made from, but I do know it’s not from any metal on earth. It is because I have been told the stories of the “Naki” throughout all my life. I hold that in reserve until concrete evidence is provided. It is extremely old as well, and it does have it’s “wear and tear” on it – According to what I was told, this is the ‘missing link’ to the “Annunaki” lore that may prove their ‘once upon a time’ existence.

I do have other artifacts which was also passed down through generations of my family. There has been so many bizarre things throughout my life, that it’s absolutely amazing. I have been wanting to share this with you – and maybe PROVE that the NAKI were once real… That is all


EDIT: SORRY – I had a problem uploading the picture of the amulet, it was too large for the picture but it now works.

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