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of course earth connects to source. earth is a living being just as well. the image doesnt give the aura field any justice, also we have an earth star chakra that goes 18 inches below our feet. last one i seen seemed brownish in color, then 18 inches above the head we have the soul star chakra and above that is the christ consciousness collective which is golden in color. this iis where they got the name christ as it was never his real name, he was a channeler and master teacher which there have been MANY christed beings come to earth to bring knowledge. there are 2 of them here that i know of now! okay as far as the magnetic field part, i know it reflects earths in some ways. YES we are supposed to be in balance of BODY and MIND and SPIRIT. we are supposed to know the MOMENT a virus enters our body BEFORE symptoms even start, the body and cells would tell us unfortunately the powers that be has altered that. we are in a special time right now and we have already started seeing children born with EVERYTHING intact the way it should be and as for the rest of us, if people work at it hard enough, can easily bring mind and body back together as one.

"My reality TODAY has been CREATED by my thoughts from YESTERDAY"
"Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated"
"Everything is an illusion except the fact that we are all one and our spirits/soul had been created by the Embodiment Of LOVE itself" AKA Prime Creator/Source/God/Universal Mind/etc etc etc
-Mike Farley