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    Hey Rex or anyone interested in my jibberish. This is random, but do you think fallen angels are comparable to demi gods? Possibly? Cuz here’s how I see it, angels are the same as gods… I think it’s the same concept different label… You know? And you know how the stories say that we were tricked into these meat suites? Wait, or was it the demi gods that tricked us? Or are we one in the same? Well, Violet Flame just posted a video explaining that in her interpretation of fallen angels is it was lucifer who tricked other angels into falling with him, but they weren’t fully aware of what was going on when they fell. Wow, lucifer, the first false profit? So… Could this be the demi gods? But, the demi gods created us,
    no? Now I’m confused dude. Well, who cares anywhoo, wouldn’t it seem like the the incarnations would have to be watered down in order to decrease power potency? So, couldn’t that mean that… If we trace this all the way back to our very original source, we would find that we all truly are the gods of the Elohim of this dream? Am I taking this too wild? And, are the gods of the Elohim the fallen angels? And are the fallen angels the demi gods? And are the demi gods us? Lol We’re all just fragments of ourselves until we heal and complete ourselves…man! I gotta change the subject a bit.I shit you not dude… Im still standing strong by my belief that we can become one with our human bodies (because that’s where the memories of our fragments are hidden) all clues that tell us who we really are. Anyhow, I just continue to get this strong sense that we can become one with our bodies and then ascend… It’s more like evolve…Kudos to anyone who understands any of that! I was kinda all over the place…Catch you on the flippity! PEACE!✌

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    Well I don’t think there are any angles as your thinking of like the bible says. I think the annunaki came hear and saw a 1 sex idiot peacefull creature and dna messud with it and hear we are. but I do think there are a eloheim gods that sent a Christ (not jesus) like jeff daughtry talks about much later in history. sorry for spelling at work.

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    Here’s a bit of a theory on that question. What are any of those things? With a high enough level of technology you could engineer yourself to be able to materialize yourself and even perform acts of alchemy on this 3-D reality. “Angels” or any other above human ability type of thing are also just beings at a certain level of spiritual/physical development and could even be explained as the tenants of a type 5 civilization operating outside of our time/universe’s laws. Where did it all come from? What if it all comes from us? It’s an unsatisfactory answer for many who want to think about reality on a deep level. It is my contention that human consciousness generates many planes of realities and types of beings simply through the act of rebirth. Just a hypothesis but maybe it all came from a non corrupt source reality and continued to fall into more and more division and does so repeatedly. In other words all realities stem from the cosmic human consciousness. Whether it’s higher or lower than your’s would depend entirely on the angel/you. We’re all along a path of some sort even gods of creation who crap out cosmic eggs. They might die during childbirth of the new universe and reincarnate as the demi-urgic ruler of that very same universe they worked so hard to push out in another life, and not even know. All of the cosmic hierarchy of types of beings are just as along for the ride as we are and I don’t think they know it themselves. We’re all players on different levels. Nobody has ever escaped the game and came back to tell us what exists outside of what we call “reality”. Not saying you can’t escape just don’t know why you’d want to come back for any reason no matter how good.

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